You’ve Got Mail

As a Dutchman living in Belgium, Peter Schouten has an outsider’s view on the country that he loves and is fascinated by.


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As a photographer, he finds Belgium a rewarding subject: its infrastructure, its cities, the diversity of its architecture… In Belgium, it sometimes seems as if everyone just does as he pleases, unbothered by rules or regulations. Peter wanted to find a way to capture the uniqueness of his surroundings, and found the answer one night while looking through his photographs of an original house from the sixties. It wasn’t the house itself that grabbed his attention, but the strange letterbox in front of it: it had the shape of a big eagle sitting on a little concrete house, painted in bright colours. Ever since, Peter has been photographing the weirdest, most puzzling letterboxes all over Belgium. Over six years he has built a collection of over 300 photos of the most exceptional examples. Looking at those photos, you’ll agree with the photographer that the Belgian letterboxes form a unique little piece of the country’s cultural heritage.

Illustraties & vormgeving: Peter Schouten
Uitgever: Luster
Afmetingen: 15.1 cm x 15 cm
Aantal pagina’s: 200
Afwerking: Papercover
Afmetingen 15.1 × 15 × 1.5 cm