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Once upon a time I …

Dit boek is Engelstalig geschreven.

Dit is geen normaal boek, dit is een ‘guided diary’ die je helpt uit te zoeken wie je bent en wie/wat je wilt worden. Dit boek geeft je al de middelen, tips en inzichten die je nodig hebt om deze doelen te bereiken.

This is not an ordinary book, it’s a guided diary that helps you find out who you are and what you want to be. This book gives you all the tools, tips and insights that you need to achieve those goals.


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From the makers of ‘Once Upon a Time I Was…‘, the guided notebook to create your own autobiography (now in its third printing), we present this new notebook, which helps you to find your talent and passion and the job and life that matches best with who you are and what you want to be.

Whatever age you are, knowing what you want to be and do in your professional life can give such fulfilment. It can make you wake up with a smile every day and give you a sense of belonging. Like you have found your place in the world. But how many people do you know who really do what they love? And what about yourself? Do you have any idea of what you want? What makes you tic? And what (if somebody would ask you to) would you do for free because you are so happy doing it? This book will give you the tools to find out what that thing is that you want to do with the rest of your professional life and it will give you tips and insights on how to achieve it.

Auteur: Lavinia Bakker
Taal: Engels
Soort: Paperback
Formaat: 220×170
Aantal pagina’s: 144
Geschikt voor: Iedereen

Gewicht 286 g
Afmetingen 22 × 17 × 1.7 cm