Make your own spaceship

Met deze punch-out kaarten laat je de ruimteschepen door de brievenbus heen vliegen.



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14 ruimteschepen met enveloppe en een Alien cadeau. 12 ruimteschepen van de hand van diverse designers en 2 om zelf te illustreren.

Construct your own spaceships and then launch them into space at hyper speed!
This set includes 14 spaceships for you to press out and slot together (no scissors or glue required). Twelve of the craft have been individually decorated by a gang of leading illustrators and artists, the other two are blank and ready for you to add your own inter-galactic designs to. Also included is a bonus sheet of aliens for you to assemble and colour in!

Afmetingen 25 × 19.3 × 4.8 cm