colours unite us allcolours unite us all

Identity colour codes

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How colours unite us all. A visual guide for creative and anthropologist minds.


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Identity Colour Codes is the 100% visual result of a thorough study into corporate and social identity. Corporate identities are traditionally based on exclusiveness and their symbols are privately owned. However, in these times of social media, open source and open design, it is the more generic and public domain elements that shape social identities.

In search of the most accessible common denominator in identity, the author selected colour as the vehicle through which people easily and globally connect. This publication collects 100 of these colour-based identity codes, each labelled with a specific name, indicating the values and meanings that the colour transmits. For example: Premium white, Pristine white and Sensation white; Infinite blue, Trust blue and Peace blue; Irish green, Islam green and Army green; or Dutch orange, Guantanamo orange and Hindu orange.

Auteur: Felix Janssens
Taal: Engels
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