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Don’t talk just kiss

Dit boek is Engelstalig geschreven.

We kennen ze allemaal, we hebben herinneringen aan ze, maar hebben we ze ooit echt ter harte genomen? 250 prachtig geïllustreerde adviesliedjes uit de popmuziek geschiedenis.

A sequel to the bestseller Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow. Filled with famous advice songs, Don’t Talk Just Kiss is the perfect gift for lovers and is a must have for music lovers of all ages!


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When times are particularly difficult, and you are likely to slip into despair, some of the greatest pop songs about love can provide true comfort to make it through the pain. The problem with advice in general is that we of­ten don’t take it. The great thing about advice songs is that you can kick back and listen to someone else coach you through a tough situation while rocking out at the same time.

This well-produced and iconic album of words of love is the perfect gift for music lovers of all ages. This wonderful book lists 250 of the best pop songs for when you are in despair about love. The songs represent all popular music styles from the last fifty years, from rock to folk, and from punk to hip hop. This book is a collection of famous love songs. It gives the reader the song titles, painted by hand by the designer, and a striking quote from the song lyrics, as well as indexes on the artists.

Auteur: Marcus Kraft
Taal: Engels
Soort: Hardcover
Formaat: 180×130
Aantal pagina’s: 516

Gewicht 540 g
Afmetingen 18 × 13 × 2.5 cm