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Don’t read this book

Dit boek is Engelstalig geschreven.

Goede ideeën zien vaak het daglicht niet. Als je aan creatieve mensen vraag waarom dat zo is, dan zeggen ze allemaal dat ze niet genoeg tijd hebben. Dit boek staat boordevol advies over timemanagement en leert mensen te focussen op de beste ideeën.

Don’t Read This Book focuses on how to make choices about everything you do in your daily life and workplace. The book is packed with advice, models and exercises on time management.



As creative people, we have ideas. Some of us have many ideas, others have really good ones, and most of us have many really good ideas. But most of these never see the light of day. Why? If you ask a creative person, the answer will always revolve around time. We simply need time to execute an idea (and do it well)—more time than we have.

Don’t Read This Book focuses on how to make choices about everything you do in your daily creative practice and life. The book follows the ‘To Don’t List’ method: When you say ‘no’ to one idea, you have more time to execute another one. In short: the more you subtract, the more focus and time you get.

The book is divided into three parts: Life, Workplace, and Projects. It covers everything from defining your life goals, to writing a five sentence-long email, to leaving out as much as possible in a project. Whether you are a student or professional, this book will save you time. (Of course, if you don’t read it, you will save some time directly.)

Auteur: Donald Roos
Taal: Engels
Soort: Paperback
Formaat: 215×145
Aantal pagina’s: 160
Geschikt voor: Volwassenen

Gewicht 314 g
Afmetingen 21.5 × 14.5 × 1.7 cm


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